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TeachEngineering Founding Partners

TeachEngineering System Vision and Design was a collaborative effort between engineering and information systems faculty members—most notably Jackie Sullivan, René Reitsma, Paul Klenk, Mike Mooney, Martha Cyr, Denise Carlson, Mindy Zarske, Beth Myers, Nancy Shaw, Gary Ybarra, Janet Yowell and Eric Iversen.

System Architecture Design and Development was led by René Reitsma, College of Business at Oregon State University. Students Brandon Whitehead, Venkat Suryadevara, Brian Kovach, Sarah Yarwood, Steven Stanley, Will Vanlue, Paul Lewis, Teresa Furnish, Jeremy Stewart, Tim Roush, Joe Markgraf, Madhura Vadvalkar, Christian Ellison, Dan Ryan, Kevin Tang, Jonathan Lake and Ricky Verlini implemented the system nuts and bolts.

Initial Curricular Contents were designed and created through NSF GK-12 engineering grants led by Jackie Sullivan (University of Colorado at Boulder), Gary Ybarra (Duke), Mike Mooney (Colorado School of Mines) and Martha Cyr (Worcester Polytechnic Institute). Supported by an NSF NSDL collections development grant (Jackie Sullivan, PI), these people brought together their curricular contents into a common look and feel collection—TeachEngineering.

Dozens of engineering students—primarily at the graduate level—created, documented and classroom-tested the curricula. K-12 teachers from many school districts across the country partnered to critique and refine the classroom lessons. Specific contributions by individual authors are recognized at the end of every lesson and activity document, under the "Contributors" heading.

Founding Partners
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