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North Carolina: Math [2003]

 •   Strands: Number and Operations, Measurement, Geometry, Data Analysis and Probability, Algebra ...more
     (Grades K - 8)

 •   COMPETENCY GOAL 4: The learner will understand and use graphs and data analysis. ...more
     (Grades 5 - 5)

Current Standard

 •   4.02 Compare and contrast different representations of the same data; discuss the effectiveness of each representation.
     (Grades 5 - 5)

Aligned Activities
 How High Can a Super Ball Bounce? SAT Aligned
Aligned Lessons
 Can You Taste It? Explicitly Aligned


  • Explicitly Aligned Standard has one or more explicit curriculum alignments info
  • CAT Aligned Standard has one or more CAT-based curriculum alignments info
  • SAT Aligned Standard has one or more SAT-based curriculum alignments info
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