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Publishing curricula in TeachEngineering is enabled through peer reviews - similar to a journal. You can contribute to the collection by being a part of the National Board of TeachEngineering Reviewers. To maintain the quality of the collection, we are seeking current or retired K-12 science, math or technology educators, and engineers, to serve as reviewers for new TeachEngineering curricula. We are especially interested in educators with some background in engineering, and engineers with some teaching experience.

Every lesson and activity on TeachEngineering is reviewed by an educator and an engineer. The educator is asked to use our K-12 Review Rubric to evaluate the quality of the lesson/activity and its suitability for the classroom. The engineer is asked to evaluate the accuracy and depth of engineering content in the lesson/activity using our Engineering Content Review Rubric. You can view these two rubrics on the Submit Curriculum page.

Reviewers are asked to evaluate two or more lessons/activities per year.

Click here to apply to serve on the National Board of TeachEngineering Reviewers.

After filling out the form, we will look at your application, and you will be added to our list of reviewers. When new contributions are submitted to TeachEngineering, our editors will give you the opportunity to review new curriculum. If you are busy at that time, you can simply decline the review. If you are available, you will have one month to complete the review.

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