Materials List: Seeing the World through a Different Lens

  • penny
  • tape
  • zipper / jacket with zipper
  • a few pairs of latex gloves or any other thin pair of gloves
  • shirt / coat with buttons
  • child-proof medicine bottles
  • eye chart
  • 3 pairs of eyeglasses (old, unwanted pairs are best)
  • picture for puzzle (see instructions in Procedure section)
  • guitar case and/or large suitcase or a big cardboard box
  • large books that can be dropped
  • brooms (2-4)
  • stopwatch
  • sticky notes
  • assistive and adaptive devices to show during the activity introduction, such as a tool for buttoning shirts, specialized eating utensils, remote controls or telephones with huge numbers/buttons, or containers approved by the Arthritis Foundation, for example the Folger's AromaSeal Canister (look for items with their symbol)
  • wheelchair (2 if convenient)
  • crutches (2-5 sets of various sizes)

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Crutches, wheelchairs and assistive/adaptive devices may be obtained through the school nurse's office or by requesting donations via a local newspaper, church program or Craig's List (online). Many families have unused wheelchairs or crutches and are happy to donate or loan them to a good cause. Extra wheelchairs and crutches can later be made available to school nurses or medical clinics in your area.