Materials List: Anchors Away

Each group needs:

  • two-pan balance with gram weights
  • large bowl, ~2–3 inches deep
  • non-drying modeling clay, one 1-inch diameter ball per student
  • 5-10 paper towels sheets
  • water in a pourable cup
  • 1 slender glass cup or other clear container; best of the container is of uniform size if possible, that is, almost a perfect cylinder; also choose a container that can be marked on; refer to procedure steps 12-15
  • 1 sharpie pen or china marker
  • small handful of at least three of the following materials to use as boat loads: small metal nuts (1/4-inch works well), paperclips, fish weights (without lead), dry beans, marbles; for best results, use objects that are denser than water
  • Student Guide Worksheet