Materials List: Air Quality and Particulate Matter

Per student:

Per group:

  • Part 1: Make Wind Streamer:
    • Light-weight streamer material (e.g., crepe paper, ribbons, paper strips, etc.) cut into 3’ strips
    • Paper plate
    • Ruler
    • hole punch (or scissors used by teacher)
    • Markers or crayons
    • Compass to determine north
  • Part 2: Make PM Catcher (per student):
    • Notecards (3”x5”)
    • Round solid object less than 3” in diameter to trace a circle onto the notecard (option to pre-trace for younger students)
    • Hole punch (or scissors used by teacher)
    • 12” pieces of string or yarn
    • Permanent marker
    • Petroleum jelly
    • Clear packing tape
    • Hand lens or magnifying glass
  • Part 3: Wind and PM Data Collection:
    • Pencil
    • Datasheet
    • Wind Streamer (per team)
    • PM 2.5 daily reading for school location (or nearest area)
  • Part 4: Analyze Wind & PM Data Table and PM Catcher, and Class Reflection:
    • Wind and PM data table (datasheet section 2)
    • PM Catcher and PM Catcher grid (datasheet section 3)
    • Hand lens