Materials List: Prosthetic Party:
Build and Test Replacement Legs

Each group needs:

  • yardstick, ruler or tape measure, for measuring
  • scissors
  • 1 type of prosthetic structural material with which to create a prototype (see suggestions below); note: the number of groups depends on how many different prosthetic resource materials are collected
  • Prosthetic Party Worksheet, one per person

For the entire class to share:

  • 1 roll duct tape

Provide a variety of prosthesis structural material resources. Suggestions:

  • For leg structure: toilet plungers (unused), plastic pipes, metal pipes, metal strips, cardboard tube (from wrapping paper roll), wooden "2 x 4," thin metal duct material (to be rolled and taped into a tube shape), all generally 1.5 ft (or .46 m) long
  • For comfort: large sponges, scrap bubble wrap, scrap cardboard, etc.
  • For lifelikeness: bath towels, pairs of pants, shoes (use students')
  • For body attachment: string, rope, twine (about 30 ft [or 10 m])