Materials List: Can You Catch the Water?

For the Introduction/Motivation activity, each student needs:

  • 1 blank note card
  • pencil or pen

For the activity, each group needs the following (or similar) items:

  • a variety of objects to build land-forms, such as small cups, jars, bowls, plates, rocks, blocks, crunched paper towels, etc.
  • sheet of light-weight plastic, ~1 x 1 meter (a slit-open trash bag works well)
  • (optional) spray bottle filled with water, to deliver "rain" to the catchment basin
  • (optional) masking tape, to hold items in place, to secure the plastic sheet
  • (optional) newspaper
  • sponge
  • a few drops of food coloring
  • Catching Water Worksheet, one per student