Materials List: Stations of Light

The materials at each station are re-usable for an unlimited number of teams. The total cost for four stations is ~$20.

Station 1: Bending Light

  • 1 clear plastic bowl (deep enough to show refraction)
  • 1 plastic ruler or pencil or popsicle stick (or any straight object that can get wet)
  • tap water (to fill the bowl)

Station 2: Lens and Light

  • magnifying glass (1 or more)
  • paper with words or pictures on it

Station 3: Prism Rainbows

  • 1-5 prisms (can be assorted sizes) (available in science supply catalogs or websites, or hobby stores)
  • 1 light source (such as: overhead projector, slide projector, sunlight through opening in window shades, flashlight)
  • Visible Light Spectrum (visual aid)
  • Dispersion Angle through a Prism (visual aid)

Station 4: Polarized Light

  • two pairs of polarized sunglasses
  • piece of plastic polarized film (purchase at a hardware store)