Materials List: Designing a Thermostat

Each group needs:

  • 1 breadboard (EXP 350 recommended, from online vendors; or RadioShack; or find used breadboards)
  • 1(or more) LM35 temperature sensor chip (online from; get extras in case students accidentally break one by setting up the circuit incorrectly.)
  • 1 LM324AN operational amplifier integrated circuit (at RadioShack)
  • 1 9-volt battery with battery connectors (or have a few for the class to share)
  • 1 9-volt battery holder (optional, or have a few for the class to share)
  • Ice
  • Ziploc bag
  • Thermostat Worksheet
  • Breadboard and Circuit Diagram Basics Handout

For the entire class to share:

  • 1 jumper wire kit (preferred since it is easier and reduces set-up time, at RadioShack), or each group needs 2 pieces of 1-inch wire, 2 pieces of 3-inch wire, and 5 pieces of 2-inch wire and electrical tape
  • Small wire strippers (only needed if you are using insulated wire and not the jumper wire kit, to remove insulation at wire ends)
  • Multiple ΒΌ watt resistors of various sizes from 500 Ohm up to 10K Ohm (100-piece kit and 500 piece kit at RadioShack)
  • A few multimeters to make various measurements (such as Kelvin 50LE part # 990177)

Materials note: The breadboards, wires, wire strippers, resistors and multimeters can be re-used.