Materials List: Tippy Tap Plus Piping

Purchase the following items at any hardware or home improvement store (such as The Home Depot or Lowe's). Each group needs:

  • half-inch ID (inner diameter) PVC pipe, 5ft (1.5m) length
  • 1-inch ID (inner diameters) PVC pipe, 5ft (1.5 m) length
  • 4 half-inch 90° PVC elbow
  • 4 1-inch 90° PVC elbow
  • 2 1-inch to half-inch PVC reducers
  • miscellaneous PVC valves (butterfly, ball, globe, etc.)
  • miscellaneous sizes of flexible (vinyl) tubing and barbed connectors
  • duct tape
  • Fluid Dynamics Basics Handout, one per person
  • (optional) Brainstorming Guidelines

For the entire class to share:

  • 1 Tippy Tap (or make one by following the attached Tippy Tap Construction instructions and these supplies: clean and empty one-gallon plastic milk jug, candle, matches, nail, pliers, plastic net, string or rope, metal support, knife, bar of soap, string, tin can lid)
  • string or rope, 5 ft (1.5m) length
  • five-gallon plastic bucket
  • half-inch threaded PVC fitting
  • drill and half-inch drill bit, to make a hole in the five-gallon bucket wall for the PVC fitting
  • adhesive, to adhere the PVC fitting into the bucket wall
  • water supply to fill a five-gallon bucket
  • PVC pipe cutting tools, such as a saw or a 4-inch steel PVC cutter (see example cutter description)
  • towels or mop to clean up water spills (if conducting activity inside)