Materials List: Challenges of Laparoscopic Surgery

Supplies to build one laparoscopic trainer, stretch and dissect block and puffball holder (students take turns using these items):

  • 1-in x 2-in x 22-ft wood board; such as three 1-in x 2-in x 8-ft premium furring strips at $0.85 each, $2.55
  • PVC shower pan liner; such as Oatey 60-in x 72-in PVC shower pan liner from Home Depot, $30
  • 2½-in wood screws, quantity 16; $2
  • 1½-in wood screws, quantity 20; $2
  • wood glue; $3
  • 4-in corner braces, quantity 2; such as Everbilt 2-pack from Home Depot, $2.87
  • 2 x 2 x 7-in wood block; $1.50
  • 4 alligator clips; such as Gardner Bender 22-14 AWG Barrel-Ins alligator clip 2-pack at $1.98 per pack, $4
  • 4 x 5-in acrylic sheet; $2
  • clear PVC tubing with 3/8-in inner diameter; $4.15
  • Liquid Nails small projects and repairs adhesive, 4 oz; $2.78
  • mini colorful cotton balls, four different colors; $1.49
  • black pen or marker
  • Building Instructions for Laparoscopic Surgical Trainer, one copy for teacher

Instruments for the class to share:

  • 34 cm long laparoscopic grasper (forceps) tool, quantity 2; purchase used online, $50 each
  • 34 cm long laparoscopic scissors tool, quantity 1; such as Endopath endoscopic linear cutter, purchase used online, $49
  • 2 cannulas; such as Disposable Inner Cannula size 8 from, $5.55 each (see Figure 2)
  • scalpel with disposable blades, $8
  • pen-shaped USB digital microscope; such as example
  • laptop, or other portable PC capable of displaying video from the USB microscope camera

Each group needs:

  • 2 rubber bands, $4
  • string, 2 ft, $2

Note: Expendable costs are estimated at $6 per group. All other "start-up" non-expendable material costs are for reusable items shared by the class, such as the laparoscopic tools, microscope camera, and supplies to build the surgical trainer, and comes to ~$266.

Tips for obtaining laparoscopic tools: Do a browser search with the terms: buy used laparoscopic tools. Or from the ebay "endoscopy & laparoscopy" category at, separately search for "grasper" and "scissors" to find the tools for ~$50 each. From the main ebay website, the path is: business and industrial > healthcare, lab, and life science > medical equipment > endoscopy & laparoscopy. If you run into a medical equipment disclaimer, just go ahead and make the purchase.