Materials List: Protecting Our City with Levees

Each group needs:

  • Levee Design Worksheet
  • rectangular plastic container or tub
  • scissors, to poke holes in cups
  • $10 worth of fun money; such as strips of paper that each represent one dollar or Monopoly┬« money
  • levee building materials:
    • sand or gravel, about 2 cups
    • duct tape, about 1 ft
    • 8-10 cotton balls
    • 1 plastic sandwich bag or square of Saran┬« wrap
    • 1 sponge
    • 8-10 Popsicle sticks
    • 8-10 plastic drinking straws
    • paperboard, 1 sheet, such as from a cereal box
    • small paper cups (note: remember to update the Levee Design Worksheet with any changes made)
  • access to water to test the levees