Materials List: Balsa Towers

  • markers
  • large sheets of paper, such as butcher paper
  • quick drying epoxy glue (90-second or 5-minute)
  • 1/4 x 1/4 inch balsa wood strips
  • 1/8 inch balsa wood sheets
  • (optional) dremel tool
  • measuring rulers
  • utility knives (for students, if possible, otherwise one for the teacher)
  • newspaper, to protect table tops from glue
  • scrapwood, to cut on (and protect the table tops)
  • goggles, one per person
  • scale, to weigh towers
  • flat board, to set on top of a tower and on which to place weight for testing
  • weights or many identical books, to use as mass/weight to test tower strength
  • Structural Strength Testing Handout, one per student

Source for balsa wood and glue: