Materials List: All Caught Up:
Acting Out Bycatching Points of View

Each group needs:

  • larger bucket/container
  • smaller container
  • blindfold
  • "fishing net" (provide an assortment, such as cups, mesh bags, sandwich bags or aquarium fishing nets)
  • an assortment of many marbles and other balls of different colors and sizes, placed in a bowl to prevent them from rolling around; cheaper materials can be used, such as rocks; while numbers/colors/types of balls (fish) are flexible, here is an example assortment: 5 large red rubber balls (like the type for playing jacks), 10 glass marbles of color A, 10 glass marbles of color B, 3 golf balls, 4 pairs of dice, 10 very small pebbles (much smaller than the marbles)
  • water
  • paper and pencils, for recording data