Materials List: Does Weight Matter?

  • spring scales, preferably having a 500 g capacity and 5-10 g accuracy, one per team of 2 to 4 student; Ohaus makes one that works well for this exercise; it is available from suppliers such as Ward for about $6
  • ceramic coffee mugs, one per team of 2-4 students (have students bring these from home or purchased them from thrift stores)
  • scissors (one per team)
  • tape (masking or wide transparent), one roll per team or one roll shared between two teams
  • string, about 30 cm per team
  • several standard weight sets, ranging from 50 - 200 g; alternatively, use large metal washers tied together in groups to make up weights of ~50, 100 and 200 g or plastic bags filled with pennies, sand, gravel, nails or similar objects; two groups of students can share a set of weights, if necessary