Materials List: Heredity Mix 'n Match

For a class of 30 students, you need:

  • 38 brown paper lunch bags
  • 100 sturdy toothpicks (plastic cocktail-type ones work especially well)
  • about 80 red jelly beans and 70 pink jelly beans to represent tongue rolling alleles (other types of candy, such as gum drops and/or miniature marshmallows may be substituted, and other color combinations may be used for this and the next three items)
  • about 100 purple jelly beans and 50 white jelly beans to represent eyelash length alleles
  • about 90 black jelly beans and 60 blue jelly beans to represent eye color alleles
  • about 80 orange jelly beans and 70 yellow jelly beans to represent ear lobe attachment alleles
  • 15 sheets of construction paper
  • transparent tape
  • (optional) photocopied pictures of George W. Bush or Michael Jordan, and Tom Cruise or Matt Damon, that clearly demonstrate attached earlobes (Cruise and Damon) and detached earlobes (Bush and Jordan); these can be obtained by conducting a Internet search using the Google image option