Materials List: Frictional Force in Hockey:
The Puck Stops Here

Photograph shows three materials on a tabletop: foam and two fabrics.
Figure 2. Example fabric materials.
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Each group needs:

  • 1 container, reusable plastic containers or Tupperware works well, see Figures 8 through 10 for an example.
  • 5 100-gram weights, such as weights that are typically used with science balances found in the classroom
  • 10 cm x 10 cm squares of fabric of different materials such as wool, silk, flannel, jersey t-shirt material, etc. Easy examples include socks, bandanas and foam drink holders that can be folded or cut up, see Figure 2.
  • duct tape

To share with the entire class:

  • measuring tape or meter sticks
  • testing device made of hammer and string (see Figures 3 -7)