Materials List: Building Roller Coasters

Each group needs:

  • 2-meter (6 foot) long foam tube (1/2" pipe insulation) cut in half lengthwise (Usually, one side of the tube comes perforated, making it easy to use scissors or a utility knife to cut through the perforation and the other side of the tube to form two halves, essentially making two long channels perfectly shaped to hold marbles; thus, one cut tube provides the track material for two groups; see Figures 1 and 2.)
  • glass marble
  • wooden marble
  • steel marble
  • paper or plastic cup
  • roll of masking tape
  • set of markers, crayons or pencils
  • blank sheet of paper
  • stopwatch
  • Roller Coaster Specifications Worksheet, one per student or one per group
  • Suggested Scoring Rubric, one per group