Materials List: Volumes of Complex Solids

Each group needs:

  • personal computers, one per student, with GeoGebra, Microsoft® Excel® and PowerPoint® installed; download GeoGebra (free) mathematics software at
  • Activity Pre-Quiz, one per student
  • Estimating Volumes Project Rubric, one per student
  • (jpg pictures), one per computer (in digital format)
  • a camera, such as a cell phone
  • a spherical object that can be measured with a vernier caliper, such as a tennis ball, baseball or large marble (see Figure 4); a more complex object like an egg can also be used; alternatively, if no spherical object or no vernier caliper is available, use the provided photograph of a marble sphere (MarbleSphere.jpg) as the practice object
  • vernier caliper
  • ruler

For the teacher:

  • computer with projector and Internet access, to show students photos and two online video animations