Materials List: Speedy & Compact:
The Perfect Vehicle for Your Future

For the teacher to present a mini math lesson and demo about finding volume:

  • graduated cylinder, 100 ml-size works well
  • small rock that easily fits inside the graduated cylinder
  • marker
  • tap water
  • meter sticks
  • small rectangular objects, such as white board erasers, calculators, books, etc.

Each group needs:

  • solar-panel model kit, such as Engino STEM Solar Power Building Model Kit from Amazon, or eLAB LEGO® 9684 Renewable Energy Set from Bricklink, or similar kit
  • copies of the 10 quizzes, worksheets and handouts in the Attachments section, one each per student
  • 3 x 5-inch (7.6 x 12.7-cm) index card
  • pencils
  • calculator

To share with the entire class:

  • timer
  • masking tape
  • (optional) cell phone or camera, to take photographs of prototype vehicles