Materials List: Keep Your Boat Afloat

Each group needs:

  • aluminum foil (for prototyping)
  • white board or poster paper to record process and data

To share with the entire class:

  • metal sheets (some options listed)
    • copper 
    • steel
    • aluminum foil
  • coatings (some options listed)
    • wax paper
    • petroleum jelly
    • plastic wrap
    • car wax
    • primer
  • dishpans, larger totes, or kiddie pool (for trial experiments and/or control)
  • scissors
  • leather or cut-resistant gloves (recommended)
  • pliers (recommended)
  • pennies (or other “cargo”)

Teacher materials:

  • air tight storage container for metals
  • small condiment cups (for measured coatings)
  • salt (to add to water)