Materials List: Smelling the Difference Between Healthy & Cancerous Cells

Each group needs:

  • Arduino
  • a power source for the Arduino (e.g., computer or battery pack)
  • pH sensor
  • a breadboard
  • 3 resistors (1000 Ohm)
  • 7 jumper wires (female to male and male to male)
  • a 3 color RGB SMD LED module (or 3 separate RGB LED lights)
  • 2 different solutions to represent cancerous cell cultures with a pH of less than 6.5
  • 2 different solutions to represent healthy cell cultures with a pH of 7 or higher
  • a control solution of water with a pH of 7
  • Smelling Cancer Cells Worksheet
  • access to a digital version of the Smelling Cancer Arduino & Sensor Code Sheet (e.g., on Google Classroom)
  • distilled water
  • a ruler with mm markings

The entire class needs to share:

  • 10 solutions to represent unknown cell cultures
    • Note: Each group will select 2 solutions from the class set.
  • colored pencils for graphing
  • something that has an odor (e.g., perfume, food, candle)

To create solutions to represent cell cultures:

  • water
  • baking soda
  • citrus juice or vinegar
  • small cups or beakers