Materials List: The Lunch-Bot

Each group needs:

  • Arduino Uno – R3® (a microcontroller board), part # DEV-1121 at
  • computer with Internet access, loaded with Microsoft Excel® and Arduino open source IDE software, free at
  • 2 line-follower sensors, such as the SparkFun RedBot Sensor Line Follower, part # SEN-11769 at
  • breadboard, part # PRT 12002 (self-adhesive, white) at
  • 6 jumper wires, 6-inches (~15-cm) long, with male and female end connections, such as part # PRT-12794 at
  • 6 jumper wires, 6-inches (~15-cm) long, with male end connections, such as part # PRT-12795 at
  • 2 Parallax Continuous Rotation Servos, part # 900-00008 at
  • 2 wheels that connect to the servomotors, SumoBot Wheel & Tire, part # 28109 at; this wheel fits directly on the spline of the servo
  • 2 sheets white copy paper, 8.5 x 11 inches (22 x 28 cm)
  • reflective tape, 1 x 12-inch (~2.5 x 30-cm) piece
  • black electrical tape, .75 x 12-inch (~2 x 30-cm) piece
  • USB A to B 6-foot cable; part # CAB-00512 at
  • 9 volt to barrel jack adapter; part # PRT-09518 at
  • 9 volt battery
  • 1 (or more) plastic storage food containers or rectangular sandwich storage boxes no smaller than 3 cups (710 ml) in size; ask students to each bring a container from home; one container serves as the robot frame; use any additional containers to store project components as the robots are being constructed
  • 1 robot support leg, an object to attach to the robot frame to serve as the third leg (in addition to the two wheels; see Figure 2); have students bring from home items such as small cups like a 3-ounce plastic Dixie®-type cup (~2.25-inches or ~6-cm tall; plastic cups are stronger and slide better than paper ones), plastic balls or ping pong balls (~1.5-inch or 4-cm diameter); upgrade alternative; a ball caster, such as the Omni-Directional Metal Ball Caster, part # ROB-00320 at
  • double-sided tape or duct tape, 1.8 x 12-inches (~4.6 x 30-cm), to fasten components to the plastic container (robot frame)
  • Remember Your Arduino Pre-Quiz and Lunch Is Served! Post-Quiz, one each per student
  • Introduction to Arduino Handout, one per group

To share with the entire class:

  • projector and computer with Internet access to show students an online video and other resources
  • 1 white poster board, 24 x 36-inches (61 x 91-cm), on which to tape a test course (see Figure 4)
  • reflective tape, for making the final test course on the poster board and to make each team's test sheets; such as 3M Scotchlite Reflective Striping Tape, Red, 1 x 50-foot roll at
  • black electrical tape, for the teacher and students to mark stopping points on tape paths, such as 3M 88 Black Electrical Tape, 0.75 inches x 66 foot roll
  • lunch food for Day 5, for the Lunch-Bots to carry and deliver on the final test day, such as bread slices, small sandwiches or small pizza slices