Materials List: Rocky-to-Sandy Beach:
A Weathering Model

Each group needs:

  • 3 types of hard candy, to serve as model “rocks”:
    • Jolly Rancher hard candies, 3-4 pieces
    • M&M’s® candies, 10-12 pieces
    • sugar cubes, 4 cubes
  • 1 mason jar with lid, to serve as a weathering vessel, or any semi-rigid, sealable wide-mouthed transparent container (glass or plastic), such from a set of 12 pint-sized, glass mason jars with lids for $8.69 from Target, or other containers available in school labs; okay if not the same for all groups
  • timer, to measure two-minute increments
  • Pre/Post Quiz, 2 per student
  • Rocky Beach Worksheet