Materials List: Designing Prototypes to Save Coral Reefs

Each group needs:

For the entire class to share:

  • at least one tank or large plastic container full of saltwater to test prototypes (if saltwater is not available, freshwater can be used, but make sure to discuss the difference between saltwater and freshwater with students)
  • materials to build prototypes, such as: (list is not exclusive; you can get more items or other items as you see fit)
    • cardboard (boxes or cartons, free if recycled)
    • gallon plastic zipper storage bags (e.g., available at Walmart)
    • plastic wrap (e.g., available at Amazon)
    • wooden skewers (e.g., available at Amazon)
    • recycled plastic bottles (free if you save them up)
    • straws (e.g., available at Amazon)
    • super glue (e.g., available at Amazon)
    • aluminum foil
    • cotton balls
    • scissors