Materials List: Fabrication of a Resin Keychain or Keyring

Each group needs:

  • plastic tablecloth
  • safety glasses
  • gloves
  • laboratory coat or apron
  • disposable bathroom cups, small, 6-8 depending on how many colors/decorations are chosen
  • silicone casting mold, reusable (in alphabetic or geometric shapes)
  • super glue
  • clear nail polish
  • resin (two-part clear coating & casting resin), high gloss
  • hardener (curing agent)
  • decorating options: resin pigment, micro powder eye shadow, tinted nail polish, or acrylic paint to color resin; glitter in assorted colors & shapes or inexpensive decals as additives.
  • wood popsicle sticks
  • fine-tipped toothpicks
  • large paperclip
  • split ring pliers or needle-nose pliers
  • small screwdriver
  • fine grain sandpaper

For the entire class to share: