Materials List: Measurement Certainty:
How Certain Are You?

Each group needs:

  • caliper (or other tool to measure linear dimensions, such as a ruler)
  • electronic scale (or a balance)
  • 5 identical cubes*
  • 5 identical rectangular prisms*
  • (optional, for advanced students) 5 identical pyramids*
  • calculator with statistical functions
  • lab notebooks (or other paper for documenting measurements and making calculations)
  • materials for final product deliverable (determined by the teacher; might include paper and markers, computer and software, etc.)
  • Density and Statistics Practice Sheet, one per student
  • Activity Rubric, one per group

* Note about the blocks: Have available a supply of small cubes, rectangular prisms and (optional) pyramids made of the same material, such as wood; for example, this kit of 96 wooden geosolid shapes