Materials List: Car Collision Testing & Tradeoffs:
Don’t Crack Humpty

One-time costs:

  • a wooden ramp with adjustable incline; 6-ft long, 7-8 inch wide track, elevation 0º to 90º; 1 per class; see the Ramp Construction Method for details on how to build
  • 5 x 8-inch wooden base, 1 per group
  • screw eyes, 4 per group
  • threaded rod to fit through screw eyes or wooden dowel, 2 per group
  • wheels, 4 per group; use hobby wheels or cut them from a wooden dowel
  • e-clips or washers, 4 per group
  • stopwatches
  • meter stick
  • protractor
  • balance
  • string
  • stapler
  • scissors
  • razor blade

Suggested materials:

  • eggs, at least 1 per group
  • (optional) wooden eggs for practice
  • an assortment of construction materials and supplies, such as: cardboard squares, pipe cleaners, twist ties, small and large rubber bands, cotton balls, soda straws, craft sticks, masking and scotch tape, string, soda bottles, super glue, packaging peanuts, paper and plastic cups, bubble wrap, binder clips, staples