Materials List: Keep It Hot!

Each group needs:

  • 4 beverage bottles, 12 oz. (355 ml) glass or rigid plastic with tight fitting lids; see the Troubleshooting Tips section for an alternative setup using beakers and Styrofoam plates
  • aluminum foil, ~12-in x 12-in piece (30-cm x 30-cm)
  • bubble-wrap, ~12-in x 12-in piece
  • construction paper or tag board/card stock, ~8.5-in x 11-in sheet (22-cm x 28-cm)
  • felt, ~8.5-in x 11-in piece
  • scissors
  • clear tape
  • other potential insulation materials that students bring from home that they wish to test
  • thermometers; one per bottle is ideal (share among the groups if not enough)
  • (optional) graph paper, one sheet per student (if students graph their data; see the Activity Extensions section)
  • Keep It Hot! Handout, one per student
  • Keep It Hot! Post-Quiz, one per student

To share with the entire class:

  • house fan
  • hot water in a container with a spout, either from the tap, microwaved or a mix of boiling water and cool tap water