Materials List: Soil Biosolarization:
Using Waste & Sunshine to Get Rid of Weeds

Each group needs:

  • 6 pots or cups with drainage holes, such as seed-starting plastic pots
  • container or tray to catch draining water from the seed starting pots
  • 60 seeds, such as lettuce or other plant that sprouts within a week
  • 1 graduated container, to measure the volume of the seed starting pots
  • bucket for mixing soil and “organic waste,” big enough to hold enough soil and organic waste to fill 3 of the seed-starting pots
  • thermometer
  • Soil Biosolarization Activity Handout, Pre-Activity Quiz and Post-Activity Quiz, one each per student

To share with the entire class:

  • potting soil or compost, enough for each group to fill its 6 seed-starting pots
  • “organic waste,” such as a solid food source that is easy to mix with soil, like oatmeal, flour or cornstarch
  • transparent plastic wrap
  • water