Materials List: Android App Development

Each group needs:

  • computer
  • MIT's App Inventor (a web-based, free software available at; this site provides information on how to set-up for and install App Inventor)
  • sheet of large paper or dry-erase white board
  • markers (dry erase markers if a dry-erase white board is used)
  • Android device, such as a smartphone or tablet (The website lists all devices known to work with App Inventor in the right column under the title "Phones & Tablets Database".) **Note: Each group needs this item. This activity has been performed with students using their own Android mobile devices, which may not be available for every classroom. Adjust group sizes depending upon how many devices are available for use, or if the class is small enough, working together as one group sharing a teacher-provided Android mobile device. These options may limit the learning experience of each student, though.**