Materials List: Gaitway to Acceleration:
Walking Your Way to Acceleration

Each group needs:

  • motion detector (see options, below)
  • accelerometer (see options, below)
  • belt or strap, to secure the motion detector and accelerometer to a student's body
  • computer with Microsoft Excel® (or similar) application; alternatively, have students create programs using Python, Java or other programming languages that perform calculations and create graphs
  • "Gaitway" to Acceleration Summative Assessment, one per person

For motion detectors, the author used Vernier products, but other motion detectors, along with the necessary accompanying graphing calculators or other similar devices, would work as well. Possible motion detectors options include:

Possible interface options:

Possible software options:

For accelerometers: The LabQuest 2 has an internal accelerometer. Possible other accelerometers include: