Materials List: Clean Cooking Matters

Group Needs

For the Pre/Post-Activity Assessment:

For the Stove:

  • 2-6 clean tin cans

Class Needs

For the Stoves:

  • various tools to place holes in can (i.e., hammers, nails, tin snips, high quality bottle/can openers, pliers, etc.)
  • thick gloves/pot holders to safely cut the cans
  • sharpies (possibly)
  • branches/pipes about the size of the inside of a can (possible)

For Testing:

  • 1-8 100 mL graduated cylinders
  • 1-8 small aluminum loaf pans or steel mugs
  • fire starter (i.e. tiny twigs, newspaper, lighter fluid, etc.)
  • Match Light Charcoal (crushed into small chunks)
  • a long candle (or other) lighter
  • a ring stand
  • a wire mesh gauze
  • 1-8 disposable mini loaf aluminum pan or steel coffee mugs
  • a balance
  • a timer
  • Safety goggles
  • Heat resistant gloves
  • 1-8 pair tongs
  • 1-8 aprons if you have them

For Extinguishing/Clean Up:

  • Dutch oven with lid (waste container for hot coals)
  • sand, water, fire extinguisher, etc. for extinguishing fire


  • access to the internet
  • cameras
  • a smartboard is helpful
  • means to show websites and online videos
  • possible headphones for the watching of videos independently