Materials List: Naturally Organized

Each group needs:

To share with the entire class: (Note: most of the texts below should be available at your local library or through an interlibrary loan service; they are also available on Amazon, or even through your local bookstore).

  • Wild Ideas: Let Nature Inspire Your Thinking by Elin Kelsey
  • Bees Build Beehives by Elizabeth Raum
  • Mighty Ants: Exploring an Ant Colony by Wiley Blevins
  • Animal Architects: Amazing Animals Who Build Their Homes by Julio Antonio Blasco
  • talking chips (optional: see Troubleshooting)
  • chart paper
  • chart markers
  • variety of commercial organizers
    • mesh holders, three-compartment organizer, supply organizer, cosmetic organizer, plastic storage caddy, etc.
  • Geosafari Ant Factory (or other similar product, available online)
    • live harvester ants (the Ant Factory contains a certificate to obtain ants by mail)
    • 2 cups of sand
  • collection of insect books (optional: see Supplemental Book Suggestions below)
  • cardstock
  • cardboard
  • felt sheets
  • foam sheets
  • beading wire
  • heavy duty packing tape
  • glue gun
  • stapler
  • tape measures or ruler
  • string
  • (optional) timer, for timed discussions on Day 6

Supplemental Book Suggestions:

  • Nature Got There First: Inventions Inspired by Nature by Phil Gates
  • A Wasp Builds a Nest: See Inside a Paper Wasp's Nest and Watch It Grow by Kate Scarborough (optional)
  • Insect Homes (The World of Insects) by Bobbie Kalman
  • Ant Cities by Arthur Dorros
  • National Geographic Readers: Animal Architects by Libby Romero