Materials List: Engineering Solutions for a Dry Playground

Each group needs:

  • all-purpose 23 cm x 33 cm (9” x 13”) aluminum baking pan (the same one may be reused for improved iterations of the design)
  • 0.5 L (2 cups) natural decorative sand; the amount may be varied as long as each group gets the same amount; if available, students may also be provided with different types of sand to test which type would be the most absorbent) 
  • 0.75 L (3 cups) artificial grass and/or moss
  • 0.5 L (2 cups) rocks and/or pebbles
  • diaper (per group and per iteration)
  • 10 toy logs
  • 2000 mL of water

Each student needs:

  • lab notebook
  • pen or pencil

For the class to share:

  • 3 spray bottles
  • 1 large beaker
  • measuring cups or plastic cups of the same size