Materials List: Rock Candy Your Body:
Exploring Crystallization

Each group needs:

  • half-pint Mason jar
  • 150 ml water
  • ~ 2 pounds sugar
  • 1 additive; give each group a different additive and one group no additive; such as liquid food coloring (a few drops), salt, Kool-Aid powder (2-3 packets), brown sugar, powdered sugar, milk, apple juice, liquid cinnamon extract, JELL-O powder (one box is enough for 3 groups)
  • 6-inch dowel rod; such as 3/16 inch x 36 inch (~0.5 cm x 90 cm) hardwood dowel for 30ยข each at, each rod is enough for 6 groups; alternatives: wooden skewer or chopstick
  • clothespin
  • hot plate (borrow from a chemistry lab or purchase at for $20 each)
  • glass stir rod
  • 500-ml or larger glass beaker
  • Rock Candy Worksheet
  • Rock Candy Procedure Handout

To share with the entire class:

  • digital scale, to measure in grams
  • graduated cylinder, to measure water
  • heat-resistant gloves, one pair per group or share a few pairs among groups
  • safety glasses
  • aluminum foil, to cover the hot plates
  • permanent marker and masking tape, to label jars
  • computers, tablets or iPads with Internet access, for research
  • water, soap, paper towels, sink and drain