Materials List: Mutation Telephone

Each group needs:

  • 1 piece of fabric, 4 x 2 feet (122 x 61 m); optional idea: use fabric with a pattern to represent a forest or natural environment
  • 4 sets of 10 pieces of paper each that are 1 x 2 inches (2.5 x 5 cm) in size, with each set being a different color (or pattern) that is present on both sides of the paper to represent an organism that has mutated or evolved to be different colors
  • Mutation Telephone Worksheet, one per student

To share with the entire class:

  • a supply of “instructions” for the Part 1 game, created by the teacher; refer to the Example Mutation Telephone Instructions for ideas
  • dry erase markers
  • white board
  • watch or clock, to time 30-second intervals