Materials List: Magnetic Fluids

Each group needs:

  • 25 ml test tube with a stopper or threaded lid
  • 1, 0.5-inch diameter x 0.250-inch thick rare earth neodymium disc magnet (such as part number NSN0641, quantity 8 for $13 at:
  • glass stir rod, or Popsicle® stick
  • duct or electrical tape (if using a stopper)
  • 1 empty fountain pen/ink applicator
  • blank sheet of paper
  • apron and goggles (for each student)
  • (optional) latex gloves (for each student; toner may stain skin and clothes)
  • lab glass wear, such as a 200 ml beaker
  • Magnetic Fluids Worksheet, one per student

To share with the entire class: