Materials List: Does Media Matter? Infiltration Rates and Storage Capacities

Each group needs:

  • 12-inch biodegradable coir hanging basket or planter
  • 5-gallon bucket, to catch draining water
  • stopwatch
  • measuring cup, volumetric cylinder or some other graduated plastic container, for measuring water volume
  • Does Media Matter? Worksheet, one per student

To share with the entire class:

  • 50-lb. bag construction/playground sand
  • 50-lb. bag soil compost
  • 50-lb. bag 3/8-inch limestone or pea gravel
  • 2-cu. ft. bag sustainably harvested hardwood mulch, such as Melaleuca or eucalyptus
  • (4) 5-gallon plastic buckets
  • access to water and sink/drain