Materials List: Construct It!

Two photos: (left) A tabletop with three pieces of white pipe connectors, sticky tack, small troll with orange hair and round mirror. (right) A small rubber troll doll with wild blue hair.
Materials each group requires.
Copyright © 2008 Terry Carter, Vanderbilt University (right) 2009 Denise W. Carlson, College of Engineering, University of Colorado Boulder

Each group needs:

  • 20 feet (6 m) of half-inch PVC pipe cut into eight 18-inch (~45 cm) and four 24-inch (~60 cm) sections (PVC pipes available at hardware stores)
  • 8 three-way PVC pipe corner connectors
  • 6-8 PVC pipe "snap-T" connectors and/or 90-degree street elbows (for attaching mirrors)
  • 6-8 compact mirrors (available at discount, drug or gift stores for ~$1.20 each, example source: CTA
  • 1 laser trip sensor alarm kit
  • sticky tack (reusable adhesive), 1 package (available in stationery/school supplies section at discount, office supply and drug stores)

For the entire class to share:

  • (optional) rubber troll doll (available at toy stores) or make up your own treasure to protect

Note: A US$ 36 per group cost for non-expendable items includes PVC pipe, pipe connectors, 90-degree elbows, and compact mirrors. To reduce costs, groups may share supplies.