Materials List: Can It Support You? No Bones about It!

Each group needs:

  • access to an assortment of possible materials that might serve as bone replacement, such as modeling clay, plaster, wood (several types, pieces of different sizes), aluminum bars or foil, metal rods (several types, such as aluminum, steel, copper, etc.), Styrofoam sheets, plastic laminate, fabric scraps, string, yarn, etc., and other materials and amounts students may request or bring from home
  • access to a variety of fabrication tools and fasteners, such as scissors, tin snips, jig saw, screwdriver, hammer, screws, nails, hot glue guns, sand paper, etc.
  • graph paper, for design sketching
  • Engineering Design Process Packet
  • completed What Is the Density? Worksheet from the So What Is the Density? activity
  • computer with internet access

To share with the entire class:

  • triple-beam balance or scale
  • large graduated cylinders of various sizes
  • water
  • tub for overflow water
  • rulers and meter sticks
  • calculator