Materials List: Hydraulic Arm Challenge

Each group needs:

  • plastic syringes, such as from McMaster-Carr for ~$1.27 per syringe; see note below
  • plastic tubing, such as from hardware and pet supply stores for ~$20; see note below
  • various wood scraps
  • bolts, screws, nuts, washers
  • other APPROVED materials
  • 1 empty soda can

Note about syringes and tubing: In this activity, all the syringes must be exactly the same and it is important that the plastic tubing fits snugly on the tip of the syringe. A good option is a 50 or 60 cc plastic manual syringe with a tapered tip, such one available from McMaster-Carr—the "60 cc plastic manual syringe with taper tip" for $1.27 per syringe. It may be helpful to purchase the syringes first and then bring one to a hardware or pet supply store to find appropriate sized plastic tubing.

To share with the entire class:

  • tape
  • 20 x 20 cm piece of wood or cardboard to serve as a wall
  • drill (for teacher use or with appropriate supervision)
  • saw (for teacher use)
  • empty soda can