Materials List: Red Cabbage Chemistry

Each group needs:

  • eight 5-ounce (~148 ml) paper cups, containing vinegar, lemon juice, milk, 7-Up or Sprite, baking soda, Windex, and red cabbage juice indicator (prepared by teacher, see below), respectively
  • 7 pH indicator strips
  • Red Cabbage Chemistry Worksheet, one per student

For the teacher (to prepare group materials; instructions in Procedure section):

  • 2 red cabbages
  • large pot, water, stove, strainer
  • pitcher or jug, to hold red cabbage indicator from pot
  • marker, to label paper cups
  • tablespoon, to measure baking soda
  • extra 5-ounce paper cups, to double-up on the Windex cups
  • the seven test items (as listed above), enough for all teams