Materials List: Density Column Lab - Part 2

Each group needs:

  • triple balance beam
  • 2 100-ml graduated cylinders
  • marble
  • Popsicle® or wooden craft stick piece (break wooden sticks into 1-inch pieces)
  • crayon piece (break crayons into 1-inch pieces)
  • pasta noodle (such as dry, uncooked penne pasta)
  • tap water, 30 ml
  • (optional, but recommended) few drops of liquid food coloring (to color the water)
  • corn syrup, 30 ml
  • vegetable oil, 30 ml
  • 4 paper cups, 5-ounce (~ 148 ml) size
  • liquid laundry or dish detergent, ~1 cup
  • Density Column Lab - Part 2 Worksheet, one per student

Note: Many of these materials are the same as those used in the associated Part 1 activity; re-use the marbles, crayons and pasta noodles, if still available.)