Materials List: Lifter Phenomenon & Experiment:
Measuring Thrust from Ions

Each group needs:

  • aluminum foil, 1 x 2 foot pieceĀ 
  • square balsa wood balance rod
  • counter balance weight
  • Lifter Worksheet, one per student
  • lifter wing components:
    • 1 rod, 1 ft long, for the bottom of the wing
    • 2 rods, each 1 ft long, for the sides
    • 1 square piece of balsa wood, for the top of the wing and the wide portion of the asymmetric capacitor

To share with the entire class:

  • 1 high-voltage DC power supply for every 3 groups, such those from Information Unlimited at and specifically one for $200 at
  • 1 fulcrum for every 3 groups
  • grounding rod