Engineering Programs

Are you interested in bringing engineering into your classroom, but not sure you can do it alone? At TeachEngineering, we believe you CAN do it alone, but if you want some help, look for an existing K-12 engineering education program in your area from hundreds across the nation. Start by viewing more than 130 ASEE K-12 outreach programs to find those in your region; the ASEE eGFI website provides resources and contacts. More than 500 additional engineering outreach programs for students may also be browsed by grade level.

Another idea is to contact a nearby engineering school. ASEE provides information on engineering schools and colleges nationwide at: ASEE Online Engineering College Profiles.

Engineering professional societies may also have local contacts who can help with programs or provide mentoring to teachers introducing engineering in their classrooms.

Finally, local engineering and technology companies may have employees willing to help. Look for a company in your area, and ask if anyone is willing to volunteer some time to talk to your students about what they do.

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