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The URL supports limited URL parameterization. Below you find the list of supported URL parameters as well as a way to 'host' the NGSS Explorer on your own web page using an HTML <iframe>.

Supported URL parameters

By adding parameters to the NGSS Explorer's base URL (, you can instruct the Explorer to generate very specific networks; e.g., the network for a specific topic, DCI, grade level, etc., without having to make that selection using the Explorer's GUI.

The following URL parameters are supported (see below for examples on how to use them):

  • ?ngssCode=<ngss_standard_code>
  • ?sCode=<ASN_standard_code>
  • ?lowGrade=<K-12>
  • ?highGrade=<K-12>
  • ?topic=Topic_<topic_name>
  • ?sep=SEP_<sep_name>
  • ?dci=DCI_<dci_name>
  • ?cc=CC_<cc_name>
  • ?resource=resource=<resource_title>


DCI - Chemical Reactions
{base}/ngss_explorer?dci=DCI Chemical Reactions
CC - Stability and Change
{base}/ngss_explorer?cc=CC Stability and Change
NGSS - Single Standard (3-5-ETS1-1)
ASN - Single Standard (S2454469)
Grade (2nd through 6th grade)
Topic - Earth's Systems
{base}/ngss_explorer?topic=Topic Earth's Systems
SEP - Asking Questions and Defining Problems
{base}/ngss_explorer?sep=SEP Asking Questions and Defining Problems
Resource - Single Resource (Balloon Car)
{base}/ngss_visualization?resource=Balloon Car

Render the NGSS Explorer on your website

The NGSS Explorer is setup for use with IFrames. Simply include the following code in your site and you're all set!

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