Common Core Math

Common Core Math is designed to establish a single set of clear standards for K-12 students in the United States. The CCSS are mathematically coherent and lead to college and career readiness at an internationally competitive level.

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Why Align to Common Core Math?

A voluntary, state-led initiative to establish a single set of clear educational standards for K-12 students
Designed to ensure students are prepared to be successful in today's workforce or at a two- to four-year college program
Built on the best and highest state standards in the US, and compare to the expectations of other high-performing countries around the world
Provides clarity and consistency in what is expected of student learning across the country

TeachEngineering Exemplars

TeachEngineering curriculum provides innovative resources and ideas for teachers using Common Core Math. The hands-on activities and lessons in the collection are either fully aligned to CCSS or not aligned.

River Flow Rate
Students build on their understanding and feel for flow rates, as gained from the associated Faucet Flow Rate activity, to estimate the flow rate of a local river. The objective is to be able to relate laboratory experiment results to the environment. Read more
Shades of Gray(water)
Students are introduced to the concepts of graywater and water reuse within households. Read more
Tippy Tap Plus Piping
In this activity, student teams design, prototype and test piping systems to transport water from a storage tank to an existing Tippy Tap hand-washing station, thereby creating a more efficient hand-washing station. Read more