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Web Partners

Be sure to visit the websites of our online educational partners who feature various examples of lessons and hands-on activities from the TeachEngineering collection on their websites.

  • eGFI logo eGFI Newsletters - The American Society for Engineering Education (ASEE) provides teachers with tools to boost students' STEM skills and enliven the classroom with engineering projects - including lesson plans from TeachEngineering - through weekly Engineering - Go For It! e-newsletters. (Example: Ecology at Work: Rooftop Gardens)
  • JETS logo JETS News - The monthly Junior Engineering Technical Society newsletters feature hands-on activities identified by TeachEngineering editors to enable youngsters to experience and learn about engineering and its career paths. (Example: Yogurt Cup Speakers) Note: As of August 31, 2011, the Technology Student Association (TSA) acquired JETS.
  • Teachers Try Science logo Teachers Try Science - This website by IBM and its partners provides free project-based lesson plans, many from TeachEngineering, amended with helpful how-to and teaching strategy videos for teachers. (Example: Passive Solar Design)
  • NSTA Learning Center logo NSTA Learning Center - The National Science Teachers Association provides resources and blog forums for its member teachers including engineering-based lessons and activities in mini-collections developed by TeachEngineering. (Example: Engineering and the Environment Mini-Collection)
  • net Trekker logo netTrekker - The netTrekker search engine is used in 20,000+ K-12 schools, connecting users to 300,000+ hand-selected, educator-approved sites with resources aligned to state standards, including catalog entries and links to all of the TeachEngineering lessons and hands-on activities. (netTrekker blog: TeachEngineering with a Special Touch)
  • Explore logo EXPLORE Ezine - This Boeing-sponsored website informs teachers of space-oriented lesson plans and activities, including a handful from the TeachEngineering collection. (Example: Lunch in Space)
  • wgte Public Media logo WGTE Public Television - As examples of various engineering career paths, seven TeachEngineering activities are featured on WGTE's Engineer Your Career website, on the Activities/Curricula page.
  • e Granary logo WiderNet eGranary Digital Library - Also known as "the internet in a box," this service provides subscribers in developing countries around the world with access to millions of digital educational resources without needing an Internet connection, including a few lessons and hands-on activities from TeachEngineering.
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